Tips to Prepare for CA Final - Indirect Tax Laws

Mar 11 , 2021
Tips for CA final

Are you preparing for CA Final? In this blog, we will share simple yet effective tips with you to crack Indirect Tax Laws (IDT) with ease and with flying colours. It is a dream of every CA student to clear CA exams in the first attempt, and we will try to help in making your dream a reality!

First things first. You need to accept the fact that IDT is vast and you cannot master every topic, every section, and every case law that you read. Even ICAI does not expect you to do so. So, be calm and get a fair idea of all sections. Be a jack of all trades!

Just believe in yourself and put in timely efforts for the better preparation of IDT. The tips mentioned here, if implemented properly, will yield fruitful results. Let’s have a look at these tips.

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1. Thoroughly Understanding GST and Customs & FTP:

Chapters like Charge of GST, Time & Place of Supply, Value of Supply, and Input Tax Credit are very important, hence you should focus on the provisions of these chapters carefully. Then study other chapters like Refund, Returns, Job Work, Exemptions, etc. 

Once you are done with the GST, start with the Customs Law preparation. Your prime focus should be on important chapters like Valuation, Levy and Exemptions, Duty Drawback, Foreign Trade Policy, etc. 

Besides focusing on the above stated chapters, make sure to study all the amendments as they are highly anticipated in the exam. You should also focus on MCQs as they form a very crucial part of the exam. 

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2. Solve MTPs, RTPs, & Past Year Papers and Revise Timely:

Goes without saying that MTPs, RTPs, and past year papers play a crucial role during exam preparation. Solving them on a regular basis helps you to assess yourself and  instill a great amount of confidence. It also gives you an idea of the type of questions asked in the exam. Studying daily is important, so is revision. Revision on a daily basis helps you to remember topics you have studied and eventually helps in reducing exam anxiety. However, the revision should be systematic and not haphazard. Without proper and efficient revision, the entire study effort goes to waste. So, make revision a part of your daily study schedule.

3. Focus on Your Presentation:

Put yourself in the shoes of an evaluator. You will feel good checking a paper that is legible, organised, well presented, and attempted as per the required standards. To create a good impression, it becomes crucial to focus on your presentation while writing the Indirect Tax Laws exam. Few presentation tips that will help you:

  • Write neatly and avoid cutting.
  • Make short paragraphs of 6-7 lines each.
  • Underline important keywords.
  • Always mention proper heading.
  • Leave proper space and start a new paragraph after leaving one blank line.
  • Always write question number and sub-question clearly on the left side of the page.
  • Mentioning the section number gives you an edge and makes your answer more presentable. However, only quote the section if you are sure about it. 

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So, get going !

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