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  • Importance of Notes/ CA Exams/ OnePrep

    Importance of Note Making for CA Exams

    Apr 20 , 2021

    When revising on the last day before your CA exams, if you have an option to go through the entire book/syllabus or to refer to quick summary notes, what would you prefer? Smart CA aspirants will consider the latter. The reason being, quick summary notes are convenient, easy, and less time-consuming to go through. Having self-prepared notes handy helps i... Read More

  • CA Pankaj Garg/ Oneprep/ Advanced Auditing & Professional Ethics

    How to Prepare for Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics

    Apr 16 , 2021

    Auditing simply means the process of inspection. It is called Advanced Auditing because this is an extension of the Auditing paper which students study at the Intermediate level. This subject not only provides insights into the concepts of auditing and ethics but also helps students to groom themselves as professionals by enabling them to imbibe principles ... Read More

  • Important of PYP, MTP & RTP in CA Exams

    How Important are PYP, MTP & RTP for acing the CA Exams

    Apr 15 , 2021

    Over the years, CA aspirants have witnessed various changes in the CA exam preparation. Their preparation style has undergone a major transformation from a traditional coaching center to Pendrive classes and the most prominent one, on e-learning apps, like OnePrep. With the advancement in technology, students have adapted to convenient learning for the desi... Read More