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  • Useful Tips for Better Presentation

    Presentation Skills for Writing CA Examinations

    Jul 29 , 2021

    If there is one thing that impresses the examiner, it is the way you present your answers in the exam. Presentation plays a vital role in fetching extra marks in the CA examinations. Just knowing the answers to the questions is not enough; writing them in a presentable and professional way is the key to grab the examiner's attention. Moreover, an examine... Read More

  • Proven Ways to Increase Concentration during CA Exam Prep

    5 Ways to Increase Concentration during CA Exam Preparation

    Jul 16 , 2021

    The successful warrior is the average man with laser-like focus.’- Bruce Lee. When preparing for CA exams, there is one common problem which almost every student faces. Unable to concentrate for a longer period! CA students have tight schedules. It is common to get distracted during CA exam preparation as the CA curriculum is vast and there are many... Read More

  • Must Know Things-CA Articleship

    Things CA students should learn in the Articleship period

    May 05 , 2021

    Just like every medical student goes through an internship in a medical college, CA students undergo an articleship in a CA firm for 3 years. It is a prerequisite for every CA aspirant to complete his/her articleship before he/she can call himself/herself a Chartered Accountant. Articleship is a crucial learning period of a CA student’s career. The experi... Read More