Presentation Skills for Writing CA Examinations

Jul 29 , 2021
Useful Tips for Better Presentation

If there is one thing that impresses the examiner, it is the way you present your answers in the exam. Presentation plays a vital role in fetching extra marks in the CA examinations. Just knowing the answers to the questions is not enough; writing them in a presentable and professional way is the key to grab the examiner’s attention.

Moreover, an examiner has to check multiple answer sheets, and that is a tedious job. It should be your duty to write answers neatly and in the appropriate format, to make his work convenient. CA being a professional exam should be written professionally!

In this article, we will discuss some useful tips on how to write answers more clearly and professionally to create a good impression in the examiner’s mind.  

Useful Tips for Better Presentation

#Tip 1 Always leave a margin on the left and use a blue and black pen to write answers.

#Tip 2 Don’t write the theory answers in essay format. Convert the answer into points and allot a number for each point. Also, give a suitable heading to the points wherever required.

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#Tip 3 Try to make headings of the points a ‘Keyword’. By referring to the keywords, it becomes easier for the examiner to perceive the content of the points.

#Tip 4 Every point has a few important words. Underline them wherever possible.

#Tip 5 Write answers in your own words and style, apart from the definition. It brings more value to your answer sheet and shows that you have a proper understanding of the subject.

#Tip 6  While writing the Law paper, don’t just write the name and directly give the result of the case law and end it there. Conclude the answer by providing the appropriate solution. The right presentation will help the examiner to evaluate the paper easily, which will subsequently help you score good marks.

#Tip 7 Always summarize the facts and properly explain the situation of the case.

#Tip 8 Try and quote the relevant section number. Mentioning the wrong section for a correct number will result in nothing. However, quote the sections only if you are very sure about it.

#Tip 9 While mentioning any case law, highlight it properly to make it more appealing and professional. For example, Rakesh Kumar vs State Bank of India.

#Tip 10 When you start your answer by using a section, always write like this: “ As per the Section-171 of the Companies Act, 1956…Also read: Important & High Yield Topics for CA Foundation, Intermediate, and Final Exams

#Tip 11 Never use short forms like AGM, EGM, CG, CLB, ROC, ICSI, ICAI, SAP, AS. etc

#Tip 12 For practical questions, correlate and interlink the applicable concepts in your answers in a cohesive and comprehensive manner.

#Tip 13 Last but not least, don’t focus on quantity, focus on quality content. Remember, these are not your B.Com papers!

We hope these tips will help you write answers more clearly, precisely, and professionally and add value to your answer sheet.

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