Prepare for Corporate and Economic Laws with Ease

Apr 02 , 2021
Corporate and Economics law made easy

Just like every law has a reason to exist, the Corporate and Economics Laws subject has its importance and a vital reason to exist in the CA curriculum. When a person calls himself a Chartered Accountant, he/she should be able to analyze and understand the legal provisions of various laws and apply these in real-life situations.

With so many articles and sections to study, it can be quite challenging for CA aspirants to develop an expertise and crack the Law exam. To help you sail through all the technicalities of the subject, we, at OnePrep, will lend you a helping hand and give a quick overview on how to prepare for CA Final Law.

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To Prepare for Corporate and Economic Laws:

1. Understand the Need and Basis of a Law:

Before jumping to the act straightaway, understand why the act was required to be made and implemented in its first place. It will serve as a foundation stone regarding the need and use of the law. Also, focus on some basic questions like the purpose for which the law was created, its impact, fulfillment of the purpose of its enactment, etc. Think practically and take a viewpoint from a lawmaker’s perspective. It helps in a better understanding of the law and eventually helps in efficient preparation.

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2. Prioritize Important Acts & Topics:

Prepare for Acts like The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016, The Companies Act, 2013, The Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002, and topics like Meetings of Board and its Powers, Appointment and Qualifications of Directors, SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirement) Regulations 2015 on priority as they are crucial.

3. Prepare the Objective Type Questions:

While preparing for the subjective portion, keep analyzing the possible MCQs which can come out from the important topics and retain those in your mind. Practice solving MCQs from question banks on a regular basis for better preparation.

4. Practice RTPs, MTPs, and Past Year Papers (PYPs):

Solving RTPs, MTPs, and PYPs while preparing gives you a tremendous amount of confidence. You get a fair bit of idea about how to present the answers in your exam. Attempting practice papers gives you a reality check so that you can direct your preparation accordingly.

Now, let us help you to answer ‘HOW’ to score good marks in the Law exam? Below mentioned are a few tips that will guarantee you success in your Law exam. The only condition here is that you need to implement these tips and give your best while attempting the exam.

  • Just mentioning the right answer will not fetch you marks. Make sure to answer the questions in the required format and sequence as demanded by the ICAI. Don’t write answers in big essays, rather make them short by highlighting the important points.

  Pro Tip: Focus on your presentation.

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  • Don’t just write the name and directly give the result of the case law, and end it there. Conclude the answer by giving the appropriate solution. The right presentation will help the examiner to evaluate the paper easily, which will subsequently help you to score good marks.

       Pro Tip: Summarize the facts and properly explain the situation of the case.

  • Quote the right section number. Quoting the wrong section for a correct answer will result in nothing.

        Pro Tip:  Quote the sections only if you are very sure about it.

  • It is not necessary to mug up and write things in the same manner, however, make sure that you include all the relevant keywords in your answers. Don’t replace keywords, as they are what will fetch you good marks.   

        Pro Tip: Focus on the keywords, and don’t replace them.

  • All your efforts and struggle will be a waste of time if you don’t revise what you have studied. Timely revision helps in a better understanding and proper retention of topics. It further helps in boosting up confidence.

        Pro Tip: Keep at least 1 hour daily for revision.

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