How To Tackle Distractions While Studying

Feb 24 , 2021

In today’s fast and technologically advanced world, distractions are everywhere. Distracted studying leads to poor understanding and retention of concepts. As a CA student, you can’t afford to do that. When preparing for CA examinations, there may be days when you aren’t able to study anything or keep up with the concentration, and there may be days when you are doing just fine.

What can be the reason behind this inconsistency? What are the reasons for the distractions?

In this blog, we have gathered the most common reasons for distractions while studying and the best tips to effectively tackle those distractions.

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Common reasons for distractions:

  • Social Media: The digital world, although offering countless advantages, can prove to be an obstacle for the concentration level of students, if not managed judiciously. You may think of starting your studies, but instead you start surfing social media on your mobile phone. It’s not that we don’t realize the deleterious effect of digital noise on our productivity. We do. Yet, we don’t avoid it. It is a wise idea to effectively use your electronic gadgets by watching online classes on OnePrep and learning rather than wasting time. The opportunity cost is just too much. Remember, social media and other short-term pleasurable distractions won’t help you. Meaningful work will.
  • Procrastination: Another big problem among students is piling up work for the last moment. While this may be a human tendency, it increases our burden and ends up doing more harm than good. It is very difficult to concentrate on more than one task at a time. If we continue doing this, we are simply switching between different tasks and we can never match our energy level and focus on any of the tasks that well. This results in lower efficiency.
  • Lack of Motivation: Lack of motivation. Lack of interest. Lack of purpose. You can call it as per your liking, but it is one of the biggest and pivotal factors behind most distractions. You don’t procrastinate when you have to play video games. You’re already on to these things because they interest you but when it comes to things that matter to your academic and professional future, it’s the opposite. That’s the fundamental reason why distraction takes over.

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Now when we have talked about the distractions, let’s move on to discuss some    important tips to tackle these distractions.

  • Get Organized: Being organized makes everything else easier. It increases your productivity and you accomplish more in the same amount of time. Try to make a ‘To do’ list while your exam preparation and complete your work according to that schedule. Assign yourself daily realistic targets and try to achieve them. Juggling multiple works and subjects can be stressful. You can help organize your deadlines and manage your time more efficiently with a proper schedule.
  • Divide Big Topics/Concepts: By dividing the topics and the work, you will be able to overcome procrastination. It’s easier to motivate yourself to do smaller tasks rather than jumping onto a big one. If you’re having a difficult time studying or getting work done, break down your time effectively. Try giving yourself a 10-minute break for every 45-50 minutes of work you do. 

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  • Have an Ideal Study Environment: The atmosphere in which you study and the aura around you matters the most while concentrating on your course. Choose the environment which is suitable for your efficient exam preparation. Some students work best with a little background noise, while others need complete silence. Get to know your work style and the type of atmosphere you prefer.

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