How to study for CA to clear it in the first attempt

May 31 , 2021
Clear CA in first attempt

Becoming a CA is a promising yet challenging task in India. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) conducts the CA exam twice a year and offers a three-level CA course comprising Foundation, Intermediate, and Final training. 

Although it takes a lot of patience, practice, and determination to clear the exam in the first attempt, it is never impossible. It just requires proper guidance and directions. 

In this article, we will share some of the proven and effective ways to clear the CA examinations in the first attempt. The tips mentioned below are from the real-life experiences of toppers in the CA examinations.

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1. Visual Techniques Improve Retention Memory

Diagrams, charts, videos, presentations, images, and other illustrations help you memorize things, concepts, and formulas better. Visual learners grasp and learn more than textual learners; it has been proven. Hence, it is one of the best strategies to clear the CA exams in the first attempt. Prepare diagrams and charts and make it a habit to study them every day to incorporate these visuals in your memory. It boosts your retention memory over monotonous learning.  

2.Expand the scope of your study

Preparing for the CA exams is like an ocean that needs to be explored by diving deep into it. It is impossible to clear the CA exams by studying selectively; you have to look at each topic thoroughly and cover every chapter. As a CA student, you can’t afford to miss even a single topic. Hence, cover the entire syllabus during your preparation. It will help you crack the CA exams and will serve as a deep knowledge bank throughout your life.

3. Revise religiously

Before studying any new topic, revise the previous ones thoroughly to ensure that you have understood them properly. Revising the entire syllabus effectively before appearing for the final exams will give you the desired results. Revision should involve problem-solving and practicing MTPs, RTPs, and PYPs. You can develop your revision techniques according to your study plans.

4. Refrain from the virtual world 

The internet helps you study efficiently for your exams, but indulging in social media and games will waste your time and spoil your exam preparations and plans. You can use the internet to study from OnePrep. It has got everything you need to ace CA Foundation, Intermediate, and Final on one single platform 

So, to save your precious time, refrain from social media and games.

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5. Do 10-12 hours of study

You have to indulge in a minimum of 10-12 hours of productive study every day to clear the CA exams in the very first attempt. 12 hours of productive study should mean smart work with sincere efforts. By studying for a longer period, you can dedicate enough time to every subject, which eventually helps you prepare for all subjects equally. However, don’t overburden yourself. Take short breaks as required. 

6. Follow the timetable

It is well said that “A thing that is well planned is well achieved”. It is important to frame and follow a strict schedule during CA exam preparation. The timetable should be well-planned, offering equal weightage to all the subjects. Allocate proper time for solving MTPs, RTPs, and PYPs, revisions, and short breaks.

7. Keep in touch with the theory subjects

The majority of the aspirants focus on problem-solving questions but neglect the importance of theoretical subjects. It is essential to revise the theory subjects regularly as there is a vast volume of topics demanding repeated revisions. It is vital to give equal attention to theory subjects and revise the topics according to the timetable.

8. Habit of note-making

Making notes and highlighting important topics while studying helps to retain information for extended periods. It is impossible to cover the complete syllabus in a single day before the exam, and that’s when self-prepared notes play a vital role. Having short notes of the important chapters helps in a prompt revision.

9. Refine your exam presentation skills

The Chartered Accountancy exams demand the aspirant to write short and to-the-point answers.

It also requires writing long essay-type answers. Hence, it is recommended to work on your presentation skills. You should work on improving handwriting and make it a point to study from practice manuals regularly.

Try to pour the knowledge of language and grammar too, which helps you enhance your presentation skills.

10. Learn with practical exposure

According to the expert sources, articleship helps students to score high marks in challenging papers such as Direct Tax and Auditing. To become a successful CA aspirant, try to club your theoretical studies with practical knowledge that you acquire by working with a financial firm during the articleship period. Practical learning enables you to score well in CA exams by applying various concepts and principles learned during the articleship. 
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11. Stay positive and manage stress

The more you practice, the more you reach near perfection!

Familiarise yourself with previous year’s question papers and topics that are repeatedly coming in exams. Practice a lot of mock tests and aim to achieve a good score.

12. Practice, practice, and more practice

The CA exam is challenging and requires positive mental strength. Therefore, it is crucial to strengthen your mind and thoughts with meditation, yoga, healthy foods, sound sleep, and taking scheduled breaks. 

Never keep the fear of failure in your mind, and keep a positive attitude. The CA exam may be challenging, but you can crack it in the first attempt and secure a high rank with a positive and calm mind. 

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All the best for your exams. Stay tuned for more updates.

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