How to Stay Motivated for CA Preparation?

Feb 12 , 2021

Challenges are a part and parcel of life. That’s what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. While preparing for CA exams and glaring at yourself with that questionable look, “Are you worth it?” It’s surprising how we tend to give in to anxiety just by the mere thought of, “What if I don’t make it?” That crumbling fear of the unknown, expectations from friends and family…. the list keeps going on. It is indeed challenging and we understand it very well.

CA is not a tough course rather it is a course for tough people. We might not be able to give you a magic potion to make it easy but we can help you beat that anxiety and provide you with some doses of motivation. 

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Sometimes all you need to do is break the monotony, clear your head and remind yourself of who you are and who you want to be. Consider this blog as a breath of fresh air. It includes all the tricks to keep you pumped up for all levels of the CA exams Foundation, Intermediate & Final. 

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1. Become your own master

Follow the course of study by going at your own pace. Sometimes, while going about our preparation, everything seems to be going smoothly and being stored up in the right centres of the brain and all of a sudden you get a call from a friend regarding some doubt about a completely different subject/topic. And, the next thing is, you’re off the rails. You end up wondering about how and why you didn’t start with that particular subject? And you start doubting your preparation asking, “Am I doing this the wrong way?”

With these questions bombarding your mind, it’s crucial to know that everyone has their own time and preferences. Not everyone follows the same study pattern. It’s important to keep yourself unperturbed from such thoughts that pull you down. Avoid taking calls while you’re in your study zone. 

Expert Guidance – Jot down the things you want to clarify with a friend and make sure to discuss them when both of you are free and on the same page. This enables you to be dedicated to your schedule and also respects the other person’s time and study routine.

2. Divide your study into smaller parts

A famous quote reads, ‘every journey begins with a single step’. Since you have already entered into your CA journey, you need to take a step-by-step approach. Do not overburden yourself by studying the whole syllabus together at one time. Rather break down the syllabus into small parts and build timely goals to finish these smaller parts. 

Expert Guidance – Small goals are great confidence boosters. Doing things calmly and in an organized manner reduces the chances of making mistakes.

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3. Build a disciplined TimeTable

Discipline is a must in your CA preparation and time is the best teacher. While making your time table, select the timings that work best for you. Some find that their concentration at peak during the night, while others find it during the day. It’s important to know your strengths and weaknesses and make the timetable accordingly.

Expert Guidance – Take notes while studying and don’t forget to include some free time in your routine which will help to rejuvenate your brain.

4. Patience is the key

If it was easy, then everyone would do it. It’s okay if you went out to meet a friend and missed your routine just for a day. Don’t torture yourself and fall into the trap of self-guilt if you fail to follow your timetable for a day. Know that there will be days when you won’t be able to stick to your schedule, and there will be times when you will lack the motivation to go on. On such days, simply Relax! And know that everyone around you is going through the same. It’s just that their battle is different than yours.

Expert Guidance – Each day comes with renewed hope. So, welcome it with a smile. Make up for what you lost yesterday. Motivate yourself by fixing your eyes on the goal which is to crack the CA examination. Let it drive you to keep running the race until you win the prize. 

So, pull up your socks and remember life never stops, it moves on.

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