How to prepare for Strategic Financial Management (SFM)

Mar 04 , 2021

For those preparing for CA Final, the last milestone to becoming a Chartered Accountant, thorough preparation of each subject is extremely crucial.  

While studying Strategic Financial Management (SFM) of Final Group 1, it is important to understand that this subject is framed to help you gain conceptual clarity and equip you with financial decision-making. SFM is a practical subject and has fewer amendments as compared to other subjects. It is not a tough subject and can be managed smoothly with proper planning and guidance.  

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Let us share some tips with you for the SFM preparation. Follow them religiously and you will definitely succeed!

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Tried and Tested Tips for SFM preparation

  1. Finish FOREX, Portfolio Management, Derivatives, and Security Valuation First : First things first. Try to complete these chapters first as their topics are highly relevant and crucial. Make sure to clear your basic concepts and gain practical knowledge of the same.
  1.  Revise Similar chapters together: Chapters like Foreign Exchange Exposure & Risk Management and International Financial Management, Corporate Valuation and Mergers, Acquisitions & Corporate Restructuring etc are interrelated and flow together. You can study and revise them simultaneously. By doing so, it will save you precious time and will help to gain better conceptual clarity.
  1. Focus on Theory: While preparing, equal focus should be given on theory. Students generally give less importance to it and hence lose crucial marks. Topics like Startup Finance, Securitization, etc are very important and questions related to these chapters are frequently asked in examinations.
  1.  Don’t ignore small topics: Students usually ignore small topics while preparing for SFM. This habit should be avoided at any cost. For example, small topics like  Risk Management and Mutual Funds are easy to prepare and can help you to fetch extra marks during the examination. You should not only read questions, but solve them as well for better preparation.   
  1. Revise Thrice: Revise all the topics thoroughly at least thrice before the exam. Revision if done properly with self prepared-notes and study material, can do wonders. Mark the important questions which you need to refer to just before exams. Also, solve mock test papers to get a reality check of your preparation.
  1. Take Online Assistance: Since conceptual clarity is of utmost importance while preparing for SFM, consider taking the help of OnePrep wherever you feel stuck. On the OnePrep app, you will find the latest study material for CA and engaging video tutorials from India’s best CA Final faculty.

How to score well in SFM

To score well in this paper,  always go through each and every topic thoroughly and understand conceptual points supporting each topic. Try to attempt Revision test papers and Mock test papers from the last 2 years. Besides solving practical questions, it is highly recommended to study the theory section for at least 1 hour daily.

During examination, ICAI gives 15 minutes to students to read the paper. These 15 minutes are extremely crucial. Use this time to :

  • Read the entire paper properly.
  • Prioritize the questions you want to attempt first. Mark the sequence in which you want to attempt.  

Almost every paper has 60-70% questions that are easy/moderate and 30-40% are difficult. Attempt the easy ones first.  

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