How Important are PYP, MTP & RTP for acing the CA Exams

Apr 15 , 2021
Important of PYP, MTP & RTP in CA Exams

Over the years, CA aspirants have witnessed various changes in the CA exam preparation. Their preparation style has undergone a major transformation from a traditional coaching center to Pendrive classes and the most prominent one, on e-learning apps, like OnePrep. With the advancement in technology, students have adapted to convenient learning for the desired results.

However, there is one thing that has remained constant despite the introduction of new preparation tools. It is the pattern in which students prepare for CA exams. Students used to and still refer to Revision Test Papers (RTPs), Past Year Papers (PYPs), and Mock Test Papers (MTPs), as these continue to be the most effective tools for effective preparation for the challenging CA examinations. Preparation for CA exams, if done with the help of these tools along with exceptional dedication, can reap significant and rewarding benefits for students in the long run.

In this blog, we will discuss the importance of PYPs, MTPs, and RTPs for acing the CA exams, and why you should solve them before exams.

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Objective of Revision Test Paper

RTPs provide a glimpse of not only the desirable ways in which examination questions are to be answered but also of the professional quality and standards of the answers expected of the students in the examination. It also helps CA aspirants to assess their level of preparation.

The primary objectives of the RTPs are:

  • To help students get an insight of their preparedness for the forthcoming examination.
  • To provide an opportunity for CA aspirants to find all the latest developments relevant for the examinations at one place.
  • To supplement earlier studies.
  • To enhance the confidence level of students adequately.
  • To leverage the preparation of the students by giving guidance on how to approach the examinations.

Purpose of Mock Test Papers

Mock tests provide a mirror-like image of real examinations. They are designed in such a way to give students a feel of the real examinations. CA aspirants should inculcate the practice of solving mock test papers in their daily study routine to get a significant boost in their confidence levels. The number of mock tests attempted during preparation is directly proportional to scoring good marks and a better rank in the exams.  Mock tests serve the below-mentioned purposes:

  • Students get to know how well they are prepared for exams.
  • It helps the students to identify their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Mock tests guide students on the topics they need to focus on more.
  • It also helps students in time management.
  • It gives students a reality check of their preparation and serves the purpose of a wake-up call for students not working hard for their examinations.
  • The best part about Mock test papers is that they can be attempted multiple times and hence students can get proficient in a particular subject.

Advantages of Solving Previous Year Papers

Solving previous year papers helps in reducing pre-exam anxiety and nervousness. Referring to PYPs, students get acquainted with the exam format and get an idea about the most frequently asked questions. It also helps in understanding the scoring pattern which ultimately helps in developing the right preparation strategy. PYPs also help in time management. Solving multiple PYPs helps in getting a stronghold in a particular subject. This further helps students in solving different questions in the least time without the worry of losing marks or leaving any question unattempted. 

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Explained: Common Benefits of RTPs, PYPs, and MTPs

There are a few common benefits that a student gets by solving RTPs, PYPs, and MTPs. Let’s have a look at them.

1)Helpful in developing the right strategy: 

Rather than cramming or mugging up all the concepts and formulas, what really makes a difference is, preparing the right strategy. For the same, it becomes important to know how to strategize for cracking MTPs, RTPs, and PYPs. The primary motive of these tests is to help students to measure their preparedness and work on their weaknesses. They also help in developing the right test-taking strategy through a proper analysis of their performance.

2)Helpful in learning new techniques for problem-solving: 

When attempting these practice papers, sometimes students discover new ways to solve problems and apply basic concepts. Every test you attempt allows you to learn and improve your performance. MTPs, RTPs, and PYPs should be treated as actual tests. If students are serious about solving them properly, they are bound to perform well in the real examination as well.

3)Makes you understand Proper Time Management: 

This is the most important benefit that students get when they attempt these papers. Time management has a very crucial role to play when attempting CA exams. It is very difficult to attempt all questions in the given time, as accuracy is very important. Therefore, solving more and more of these test papers is crucial for CA aspirants.

4)Helpful in Practicing and Preparing: 

It is said that with proper practice and conceptual understanding, problems in tests could be solved faster. Hence, if CA students are lagging in proper preparation, they should start it by properly understanding the concepts, learning the basics, and then start applying those concepts while they are appearing for practice tests. This will help them review their level of understanding of the study material. 

5)Allows you to analyze yourself post-examination: 

After attempting the test papers, CA students should spend time to understand and analyze their mistakes. They should go through each section carefully to understand the same. Students attempting these tests should first try to solve every question in different ways and then look out for solutions. Through this kind of exam preparation, students can expect to improve their understanding of concepts and basics which could be applied in the final examination.

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