How do CA Toppers Study?

Jun 02 , 2021
CA Topper Study Tips

Becoming a CA topper is very challenging. Every year lakhs of CA students appear for the CA exams, but only a few manage to crack it. Many are left behind, some even get exemptions, and a few students score a good rank.

Difficult, tricky, and complex: these words are often used to define the level of CA examinations. This is mainly due to the increasing competition and complexity of the question paper which has made it tough for students to get through. So, to clear the exams with a good rank, one needs to follow different methods of studying to be at par with the changing trends in the CA examinations.   

‘Winners don’t do different things. They do things differently’. CA toppers who were once CA aspirants are now proud CAs. Needless to say, the journey of becoming ‘Somebody’ (CA) from a ‘Nobody’ (Student) is often physically and mentally exhausting.  However, defying all odds, CA toppers accomplish their goals with the right blend of dedication and smart work. You too can become like them.

Being a CA aspirant, you need to have the right mindset and approach during your preparation. In this article, we will guide you with the best tips that CA toppers have followed and practiced religiously. These ideologies have helped them climb up the ladder of success and we believe that if you follow the success mantra of CA toppers, you will be successful in cracking CA exams with utmost ease. Let’s have a glance at them.

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Set Some Ground Rules

To prepare better and to win battles, soldiers set some ground rules. Similarly, you also need to follow a smart strategy for your CA exam preparation. Here, your ground rules would include:

  • Knowing the exam syllabus
  • CA exam format
  • Exam duration
  • Weightage of each topic

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Convert Your Weaknesses Into Strengths

One thing that CA toppers do is that they never give up. Even when they come across their weakness, it does not pull them down rather they are encouraged by it. They take it as a challenge and find ways to overcome their weak areas. Hence, they make sure to convert their weaknesses into strengths by consistently working on them and eventually mastering them. 

Follow A Disciplined Study schedule

What differentiates CA toppers from the rest is their discipline and commitment to themselves and their studies. This is the most common thing that you will see in toppers. They live a very disciplined life. Discipline plays a major role in their daily routine as they are driven according to that. Once they have set particular goals and have gathered all the materials they kick start their study, build a plan, and follow it religiously. 

Practicing MTPs, RTPs, and PYPs

No one can better understand the significance of solving Mock test papers, Revision test papers, and Past year papers than CA toppers. They always ensure to test their knowledge and give a reality check to their preparation by regularly solving the practice papers. This makes them more confident with their CA exam preparation.

Seek Exam Assistance Online

Opting to study online enables you to understand concepts in a better way and save up on a lot of commuting time. Online mode of instruction has changed the whole scenario of learning by making learning accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere. In such unprecedented times, it’s best to study online with OnePrep.

Other Useful Preparation Tips By CA Toppers

  • Make sure to wear comfortable clothing on the day of the exam.
  • Read the questions properly before answering them. Once you are done doing that, only then start solving questions. 
  • Time yourself while attempting MTPs, RTPs, and PYPs.
  • Do not be in a hurry to answer, you might end up marking a wrong answer if you do that. 
  • Practicing questions from the Qbank and attempting practice test papers before the final exam will help you avoid such mistakes. Follow these CA Preparation Tips for Guaranteed Success
  • Make as many mistakes as you can in your practice test papers and learn from them, and make sure not to make them again. 
  • Set your eyes on the preparation rather than stressing out about the rank. The rank will be achieved if you are preparing well. 

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