Why choose the OnePrep app for CA studies over Pendrive Classes?

Mar 17 , 2021
Why choose OnePrep app over Pendrive classes

The 21st century is the century of mobile apps, latest technologies, and digitisation. Digitisation has transformed students’ lives and that includes the way and approach to their exam preparation. 

The effective use of digital learning tools has helped teachers to improve their teaching methods subsequently increasing students’ engagement, and has facilitated learning to a great extent.

While studying for CA exams, CA aspirants often get confused amongst the many options they have for their exam preparation. They often face a dilemma whether to go for Pendrive classes or take assistance from apps. Though both have their respective benefits, studying via a mobile app would provide the students with much more options.

In this article, we will discuss how the OnePrep app is superior & more result-oriented and why students should choose it over Pendrive classes for their studies. OnePrep has become synonymous with CA exam preparation and has brought a revolution in the field of CA education. At OnePrep, we are always looking to find out ways to streamline CA preparation and make it more interesting for CA aspirants like you.

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Why choose OnePrep over pendrive classes?

Though there are many reasons why it is strongly recommended to choose OnePrep, we have compiled a list of few benefits you get from having OnePrep by your side during exam preparation. Let’s have a look at them.

Portability and Mobility: 

Students can get access to quality CA education anytime and anywhere with the help of OnePrep. You don’t need to carry your laptop with you all the time. You can access it from your mobile phone or any other device, as OnePrep is available on all devices. The amazing part is, you can also download the video lectures on the app and watch them offline too. So, OnePrep is a pro when it comes to providing authentic and reliable information to students as per their convenience. It is user-friendly, and undoubtedly the best thing you can ever have for your exam preparation.

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Variety of Features: 

OnePrep app offers a load of extra features as compared to Pendrive classes. That is why it has become the most sought-after learning resource for CA aspirants. For example, you cannot search a topic in Pendrive classes. However, in the case of OnePrep, you can search for topics, subtopics, or even micro topics easily. You can even bookmark important topics and easily find them for future reference. Availability of Treasures aka summary notes, revision lectures for last day revision, and dedicated customer support in case of any assistance makes the app ideal for students. 

Regular Updates: 

It is rightly said that ‘The only constant in life is change’. Regular updates and changes are introduced to the app in real-time. Staying updated with the latest trends and study material is of utmost importance for CA students. Keeping that in mind, OnePrep not only gives access to well-researched study material, but you also get notifications of all the latest amendments. However, in the case of Pendrive classes, you just have to rely on the content which sometimes may get outdated. So it’s up to you if you want to be updated or outdated?

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Availability of the Best Faculty:

You read it right! OnePrep has “The Dream Team” for CA which includes the BEST and BIGGEST names in the field of CA education. Faculty like CA Parveen Jindal, CA Bhanwar Borana, CA Raj Kumar, CA Pankaj Garg, CA Aaditya Jain, and many more, are available on OnePrep. Their years of teaching experience have set a benchmark in CA education and their availability on a single platform is a dream come true for every CA student. You don’t have to buy/collect Pen drives for different subjects as you get access to quality and engaging video lectures of these teachers on the app itself. The video lectures of the faculty are engaging and conceptual which will build lasting knowledge that can be revised easily. The interesting part about the Dream Team is that you can carry it wherever you go and get anytime & anywhere access to the well-researched study material. 

One Stop Solution:

Whether you are searching for quality videos, notes, Qbanks, or answers to your most basic study queries, you get them all under one app. Peace of mind is what you get when you download the OnePrep app for your CA exam preparation. The goal is simple: to democratize education to such an extent that each and every individual student can learn from the best faculty in the country, using the best learning material, while getting the best technological support, all from the convenience of your homes.

Features of OnePrep app

If you are preparing for CA exams, and want well-researched study material by India’s best CA faculty, you can download the OnePrep app. It has everything you need to ace your CA Foundation, Intermediate, and Final on one single platform, and offers a result-oriented approach to CA preparation.

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