CA Final Preparation: How to Manage Studies with Articleship Training

Jan 27 , 2021

Articleship is the most dynamic phase of a CA student’s life. It gives students the required exposure to practical training even before becoming a professional. A CA student gets eligible to apply for 3 years of Articleship i.e practical training under a practicing Chartered Accountant once he clears both or any group of CA Intermediate.

During the practical training, CA students get an opportunity to learn about Taxation, Preparation of Company Accounts and Balance Sheet, Audit, Accounting and its software, Communication Skills and Office Etiquette, and various other important tasks.   Students should always aim to learn something about everything during the articleship period and make the most of it. 

However, while doing so, articleship does take a toll on students as they don’t get enough time to prepare for the CA exams very well. So, it is strongly recommended to start preparing for CA Finals from day one of the articleship. 

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Managing studies and articleship simultaneously

This is the most challenging part of the articleship period, creating a perfect balance between studies and articleship. To help you with the same, we have compiled a list of some effective tips to manage CA Final studies with Articleship. If followed religiously, these tips will yield fruitful results for you. Let’s have a look at them: 

Early morning study: 

This is the best time of the day you can devote to your studies. Try to study the tough topics and solve practicals in the early mornings, as you won’t be able to do the same in the evening. Early mornings generally give you a better recollection ability. After a long hard working day at the office, you won’t get the required concentration for the evening studies.

Utilizing idle time: 

It is the time when we have nothing fruitful to do. It may be spending hours commuting or idle time at the client’s place. Make sure you analyze the duration and the mode of transport for commuting. According to the time and comfort, you may prefer reading full-fledged chapters or miscellaneous things like AS, SA, case studies, and all. The mantra here is to study in howsoever minuscule time you get throughout the day. To study on the go, enroll for a OnePrep subscription and study anywhere.

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Avoid spending too much time with colleagues after office: 

This can indeed be a great time saver. There is always an inclination to go to new places, try different restaurants, or hang out just for nothing. However, your priorities at this point of time should be your studies. Make sure to prioritize what’s important.

Managing weekend strategically: 

Articles plan to spend the weekend well in advance, mostly to go out and enjoy. The Saturdays (if off) and Sundays pass by and we don’t even realize. If we see we have more than 150 days of weekends in an average of 1.5 yrs. This is even more than the exam leaves we get. If one utilizes it judiciously, one can easily pass the final stage of CA with flying colors.

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Take Leaves: 

By the time you reach your last 3-4 months of office before final CA leave, you have already slogged for 2 years. You have given the firm enough. Time to be a little selfish. Take leaves, at least on those days when the workload is very less. Take leaves on Friday or Monday. Take advantage of long weekends. Study. 

We hope these tips will help you to derive maximum benefits from the articleship period. 

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All the best for your exams. Stay tuned for more updates. 

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