CA EXAM PREPARATION: What to do in the Last 10 Days?

Jan 22 , 2021

During the whole preparation period, CA aspirants like you follow their own personal strategies to score well. However, in the last few days preceding the exams, you should switch gears and concentrate more on the steps that would yield results and avoid anything that would overburden or add stress.

We would suggest you to concentrate on solving more and more mock test papers and previous year papers during your CA exam preparation. These resources are readily available on various learning portals. This practice will help you get familiar with the exam pattern and gain confidence. It will also help you learn time management for the real exam.

Also at this point, you should avoid any unnecessary burdens such as taking on new topics or investing too much time on lengthy questions. Your focus should be on revising what you have already learnt.

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Tips for Last Few Days Before the Exam

Here are a few suggestions that you can apply to make your last days before the exams count:

1. Avoid Studying New Topics: Never touch a new topic in the last 10 days before the exam. Learning an entirely new topic in these last few crucial days will only lead to confusion and anxiety. The main demerit of taking on a new topic is that it will interfere with what you’ve already learnt. So, just avoid it.

2. Revise from already prepared notes- Everyday till the exam: Avoid going back to the main books. Rather revise from the notes that you have compiled until now. Concentrate on revising high yield, important topics that you’ve previously bookmarked.

3. Take mock tests: Practice makes perfect. So, practice a ton. Take mock tests every day, two or three in a day, if possible. Take the exam as if you are taking the real one i.e. without breaks, at a stretch. This will help you build stamina and be better prepared for the real exam. It also helps you improve your speed and time management.

4. Review Previous Year Papers: Examiners often have favorite topics that are frequently asked over the years. Going through previous year exam papers helps you recognize these patterns. So, you can concentrate on the right topics.

5. Fix Your Sleep Cycle: If you are in a habit of staying up late at nights and sleeping in until late in the mornings, this is the time when you should start getting your sleep cycle back in order. As the exams happen during the day, you should start going to bed early and getting up on time so that by the time exams roll in your body is used to staying alert and awake during the morning hours.

We hope these tips will help you during your CA exam preparation. All the best! 

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