6 Things you should avoid in CA Exam Preparation

Feb 10 , 2021

Every year, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) conducts CA exams where many students put in their full potential to clear the exam. However, even after strenuous preparation, many ambitious minds tend to make silly mistakes and consequently, suffer in the results. 

In this blog, we will look upon some of the common mistakes made by the students during exams. Have a glance and try to avoid them in your next attempts.

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1. Do not panic

The first and foremost mistake that students make is that they start panicking after attempting the first paper. There’s a common tendency among students that if one paper was lengthy, they’ll start overthinking. Even before making an effort to write the paper, they get worried about how they are going to complete it and this usually happens just after reading the questions. As a result, the outcome of their overthinking becomes a reality. Don’t fall into the trap of dwelling in the past by recalling the exam time all over again. 

Be encouraged to start preparing for your next paper rather than thinking about the outcome of the previous exam. What has gone, has gone. 

Pro Tip – Shift your focus from what went wrong in the previous exam and give yourself a fresh start and arm yourself for the second exam.

2. Contemplate like an evaluator

Every examiner has a different mindset of evaluation while checking the papers. You need to grasp the techniques they would use or in what areas their mind will make a move. Put yourself in the examiner’s shoes and think accordingly.

To begin with, good handwriting makes a lasting impression. Train yourself in a way that your handwriting is legible and fast. You could end up with a zero if the examiner is unable to read the sheet.

Make sure to read the question paper correctly and don’t be in a rush to complete it. Remain calm and composed at all times. Sometimes, it can happen that what was asked and what you wrote becomes totally different. To avoid this, concentrate and think about what has been asked and then answer. Make sure to leave a margin after completing your answer which leaves a good impression on the examiner. 

Pro Tip – Maintain your word limit according to the marks allotted to each question. Evaluators always prefer correctness and specificity.

3. Time Management is the key

 After glancing the paper thoroughly, analyse the amount of time you should devote to a specific question. Students tend to waste maximum time completing a single question and when they are done, they realize that they’ve spent an ample amount of time to complete just one answer. 

Pro Tip Plan your time according to the marks the question carries. For example, for one mark question, devote only 1 minute (1.5 minutes at max), not more than that. Be smart in managing your time.

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4. Remain Focused

CA exams are different and more demanding than the usual Graduate or under-graduate university exams, hence the approach made by CA students in terms of learning and training is highly distinct and professional than the ordinary overnight study. A clear focus and goal will help pave the way for your preparation. Amidst many study resources available in the market, a student needs to understand that having concepts from a wide variety of stuff will only lead to unnecessary confusion.

Pro Tip – Stick with one source. You should have a sound judgement to know what to study and focus on those particular topics only.

5. Smart Studying

Let’s say, you have studied the important topics that appeared in the previous paper. But, you fell short on reading the other lessons. This is the normal case scenario. Organize your study in such a way that you give suitable time to all the topics and not just the highly predictable ones.  

Pro Tip – Give a thorough reading of every chapter once, though, spend much more time on the important areas.

6. Attempting Past Papers, RTP & MTP should be a priority

Traditionally, studying textbooks has always been the most superior idea to succeed in any examination, yet to go beyond that doesn’t harm anyone. 

Past papers work as a key to conquer examinations and also help you perceive the idea about the patterns of questions. Glance over as many different papers you can before the actual exam. These will help you to get accustomed to the kind of questions asked in the exam and plan your time accordingly. 

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